Weekly analysis – 26th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014

Weekly analysis – 26th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014


MillerSmiles provides its weekly phishing analysis for the week of 26th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014


Over the last week MillerSmiles has received many scams from the public and through its HoneyTrap scam detection system. Below we provide an analysis of the scams we have received for the week of

26th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014

During the week we reported a total of 8 phishing scams

6 or 75% of these scams linked to websites that were still online and live, ready to capture personal data, when we reported them

The 12 most popular scams as defined by search engine visits to our archive of scams we reported this week and in previous weeks were (as percentage of all visits to the site)

  • 0.67% UPDATE CARD INFORMATION alleged sender PayPal Inc. reported 30th April 2014
  • 0.66% WARNING: Your BT security is still not active. alleged sender ebilling@bt.com reported 28th April 2014
  • 0.65% Verify Your Account. alleged sender ebilling@bt.com reported 29th April 2014
  • 0.5% Chase Bank Online Alert Update Your Accountþþ alleged sender Chase Online reported 29th April 2014
  • 0.5% THE NEW BT MAIL IS HERE alleged sender ebilling@bt.com reported 1st May 2014
  • 0.46% WARNING ! : YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT! alleged sender Apple ID reported 24th April 2014
  • 0.44% *** *** BARCLAYS.BANK.ONLINE.. alleged sender Barclays reported 24th April 2014
  • 0.32% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY alleged sender Tesco reported 23rd April 2014
  • 0.28% ACCOUNT SUSPENDED ! alleged sender Barclays Bank Plc reported 16th October 2013
  • 0.27% YOUR UNREAD MESSAGES WILL BE DELETED SOON alleged sender Facebook Updates reported 3rd May 2014
  • 0.24% You have a new message. alleged sender paypal reported 1st August 2011
  • 0.24% YOUR APPLE ID WAS USED TO SIGN IN TO ICLOUD ON AN IPHONE 5 alleged sender Apple reported 6th February 2014

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