Weekly analysis – 13th March 2010 to 20th March 2010

Weekly analysis – 13th March 2010 to 20th March 2010


MillerSmiles provides its weekly phishing analysis for the week of 13th March 2010 to 20th March 2010


Over the last week MillerSmiles has received many scams from the public and through its HoneyTrap scam detection system. Below we provide an analysis of the scams we have received for the week of

13th March 2010 to 20th March 2010

During the week we reported a total of 127 phishing scams

The 12 most popular scams we reported as defined by search engine visits to each scam report were (as percentage of all visits to the site)

  • 0.53% Tax Refund Notification alleged sender HM Revenue and Customs reported 27th June 2009
  • 0.39% Amazon.com – Your Cancellation (1091-14128-29204) alleged sender reported 6th March 2010
  • 0.38% Alert : Issue Consigning Your Account alleged sender Cahoot reported 29th April 2008
  • 0.28% Upgrade Alert (Protect Your Halifax Bank Account ) alleged sender Halifax Bank reported 21st June 2009
  • 0.25% Verify Your Account :- alleged sender HSBC Bank reported 27th June 2009
  • 0.23% Your account has been accessed from an unauthorized computer alleged sender PayPal reported 27th June 2009
  • 0.22% HSBC Bank UK – Online Banking : Message Alert! alleged sender HSBC Bank reported 22nd June 2009
  • 0.22% 27 June 2009 customer message Information about your cahoot account alleged sender Cahoot reported 27th June 2009
  • 0.21% Your Order with Amazon.com alleged sender Amazon reported 31st January 2007
  • 0.21% Cahoot Online Autorization alleged sender cahoot reported 27th June 2009
  • 0.2% New Message from Downey Savings Fraud Department alleged sender Downey Savings reported 29th July 2007
  • 0.2% Your AdWords Professional Account has stopped running today! alleged sender Google reported 10th December 2009




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