In this first of its kind video for our channel we talk about the Review Site TrustPilot and that it can be used for good or bad. This playlist will highlight different technology and tools that scammers are using to construct their confidence games.

TrustPilot is not perfect but I recommend people using it and leaving their own reviews about their experiences with online websites. If you have been scammed you should definitely leave a negative review and help others see the warning signs before they get scammed.

Here are the 5 Clues that TrustPilot Reviews are Scams:

1) Reviews are Great and Terrible nothing in between

2) Reviewer is From Country Not Serviced by the Reviewed Company

3) Reviews Start Great then Mostly Bad

4) Lots of Reviews Quickly

5) The Reviews Seem to be the Scammers Themselves

To Showcase these 5 Issues we look at the following TrustPilot Pages: (All Down 7/2022)

You should leave reviews for businesses you frequent and if you see suspicious reviews on TrustPilot you should report them with the warning link.

Update 7/11/2022:
It looks like all of these profiles have been taken down on TrustPilot. Thank you Trust Pilot for being more proactive and keeping scammers from using your platform to build credibility.


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