PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS “2TB EXTERNAL SSD” FROM WISH (or any other website – if it’s JUST an enclosure then ok, but if it claims it’s anything more than 32GB – it’s likely a scam and will look like what I show in the video)
I buy these so then you do not have to. Don’t buy ANYTHING from Wish if you actually plan on using it!
ESPECIALLY Data Storage. You don’t want your valued data lost on something generic like this, never cheap out on Data Storage.
Sadly there are several misleading ads for this on Wish and other sites.
I hope I save people from buying this thing.

Welcome to iWish – a series in which I buy something off Wish and see if it’s any good and 99.99999% of the time it’s garbage and after buying an 8TB External SSD/HDD/Whatever it was from Wish months ago and that becoming my most viewed video on my channel, I thought this time around being 6 months later, let’s go with an ACTUAL SSD and see what we get.

Browsing through several listings of the exact same product, I found the one shown and bought it for $47 AUD. It came 12 days later and I couldn’t wait to rip it apart.

Is it too good to be true? Of course it is. I bought a second one that’s got decent reviews from WISH and that will be the next video to see if it’s the same or different.

Be good people!
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