Chaiwut denied Saran’s accustations, saying that every country faces similar issues in the internet era.

He said many committes have been formed to deal with cybercrimes so far, such as the National Cyber Security Committee that is responsible for supervising agencies possessing important data, such as financial institutions and hospitals.

He added that Thailand has enforced the Personal Data Protection Act on June 1 to protect people’s personal data while performing online transactions.

“I admit that call centre scams are a big issue because I have received a lot of complaints so far,” he said.

“What I want to do is arrest call-centre gangs. It would be easy if call-centre gangs lived in Thailand, but they live in neighbouring countries.”

He added that the ministry has cooperated with Cambodian agencies to tackle call-centre scams.

He also confirmed that the government led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha wants to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

Apart from protecting people from cybercrimes, this move will also help boost confidence among business operators, stimulate the digital economy and generate revenue for Thais, he added.

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