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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor introduces Sponsors
0:01:10 – Whisky notes, Asian rectal probing & Alex Stein vs AOC’s booty
0:10:53 – The emotional PKA fan who spent $1500 to cuddle a call girl
0:28:18 – The creep who got blacklisted by EVERY Australian adult worker
0:33:00 – Masterson explains why he thinks Crypto will be the future of currency
0:38:44 – The curious connection between Bored Apes NFTs & 1930s Germany
0:46:29 – Masterson’s hilarious experience of being SWATTED by LAPD
1:05:07 – Woody’s swatting experience and why it almost went VERY wrong
1:15:50 – If PKA was cloned, which UFC star could they take in the octagon?
1:21:05 – PKA reacts to BRUTAL team MMA & medieval combat reenactments
1:29:14 – Taylor and Masterson bond over their love of smoked pull pork
1:37:57 – Food talk: Late night binging, square pizza & the saddest school meals
1:43:10 – Australian criminals, shark attacks & PKA vs America’s homeless
1:53:12 – The cost of living crisis & societal lies that we all believe at one point
1:58:48 – What is it like to take hallucinogens? Kyle and Dick compare experiences
2:03:15 – Ad reads: Wacky Weeds, Gummy Bears, Lock and Load & Blue
2:14:25 – Woody & Kyle’s hilarious edible experiences and getting TOASTED
2:17:23 – Woody’s upcoming cross-country motorbike adventure
2:25:38 – Goldfish, trail mix & dry ramen: PKA debates the best stoner snacks
2:32:20 – Masterson’s masterful Twitter trolling & more on AOC’s bountiful booty
2:36:08 – Why “Latinx” is pointless & 2022’s confusing pronoun culture
2:42:42 – TV show talk: Snowpiercer & Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
2:45:15 – The $68 billion-dollar man who quit his job to sit on a beach all day
2:49:32 – Why working in podcasting induces a mild form of amnesia
2:52:21 – Was Woody a male Karen to this retail employee? PKA debates
2:56:25 – Kyle’s dental office RAGE & Woody’s 2016 pool flood disaster
3:03:34 – PKA reacts to gas station felony videos & Subway mayo vigilantism
3:10:11 – Designer pit bulls, Xzibit & Pimp My Ride’s WORST pimpings
3:13:28 – Taylor’s frozen farts & the time he played football after a car wreck
3:17:44 – Hockey, tennis & baseball: PKA’s hilarious high school sports stories
3:32:40 – Is being a baseball catcher one of the most dangerous jobs in sports?
3:37:19 – Donald Trump vs Elon Musk’s Twitter beef & will Trump win in 2024?
3:56:18 – A very high Taylor ponders: Why are mobile food trucks always stationary?
3:59:27 – PKA reacts to Japan’s former-Prime Minister being eliminated
4:02:34 – Tucker Carlson’s power hour & entitled plus-sized women
4:06:06 – Masterson shouts out his Patreon, the guys call it a show


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