The new Google Wallet app is available to all customers shortly after people in 39 countries started seeing it available on their phones Monday.

Google Wallet’s official rollout is the latest step in the long history of Google’s payment app variations. The company combined Google Wallet and Android Pay in 2018 to create Google Pay, a single app that included tap-to-pay, tickets, and loyalty programs under one umbrella that worked across Android and Google Chrome. In 2020, Google Pay had a big app refresh to pull in peer-to-peer payments, deals, and other services.

Now Google announced Wallet’s comeback at its Google I/O event in May, splitting things up again to create a dedicated home for payment cards, airplane tickets, government IDs, vaccination proof, and even car keys.

Users will be able to use the app to pay at vendors where Google Pay is accepted.

Google Wallet is available to download from the Google Play Store. Users must be running Android 5.2 or later and possess a Google account and a valid US phone number. From there, you should be able to begin adding different cards to your Google Wallet. If you already have a card connected to the Google Play Store or YouTube, your card should be loaded.

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