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COIMBATORE:  The Coimbatore city police are planning to engage college students specializing in information technology, social media handling and ethical hacking, for the investigation of cyber crimes.

“Students studying IT, software and application development courses will have knowledge about cybercrimes and how to stay safe from them. At the same time, we can also get advice on how to technically identify those involved in cyber crimes. Though we already have a cyber crime team, taking advice from students, who are studying and doing research in the field, will be helpful to us,” said V Balakrishnan, city police commissioner.

In a bid to curb the growing number of cyber crimes, the police have planned to create cyber crime awareness among students, especially college goers, who are active on social media and other applications.
On the other hand, it has planned to establish a ‘cyber club’, consisting of two staff conveners and students in every college in the city, and through them, awareness related to cybercrime and cyber safety will be communicated to others.

Balakrishnan said that a club of a maximum of 30 students will be formed in each college and awareness classes will be conducted for them by officers from the concerned police jurisdiction. Then the club members shall share the information with other students and they will be made aware of the online frauds.

“The club will also guide the students to detect scammers and protect personal information. With new online scams happening every day, the students must be updated on the information,” he said, adding that the project would be implemented in four phases.

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