Dear all this is my first video regarding custom duty courier and parcel fraud so pls visit my site and watch this video and comment, and give your views and also so share it.
kindly save yourself and your dear ones from such type of fraud.
i an sharing my personal last 3 years experience, getting calls every second day from the victims of different places of our country. i keep on suggesting for FIR and not to trust on such Fraud calls, emails or messages.

And thankfully few peoples are aware of and they are filing FIR too, but unfortunately, Police is also denying to take an action by stating such incident, because they consider it an IT CELLS SCAM, and Customs officer easily get rid off just after couple of Advertisement or by posting adds in local newspapers.
But how do you stay safe from shipping scams?
This post is going to explore some of the ways to avoid falling into the trap of scammers.
Kindly watch and share and be careful.

If you need any further information , please contact #9278444555

Dheeraj Panday


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