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Lottery scams and inheritance fraud are rampant in India. A person who falls victim to such kind of online fraud in India usually receives a notification of winning a large amount of money or prize in a lottery, sweepstake or even the inheritance of an unknown person. The scammer usually contacts the victim through an email or message.

To claim the amount, the person is asked to pay certain fee numerous times. Fraudsters ask for such fees in a pretence of government taxes, bank charges, insurance fees, courier charges, money transfer charges, etc. The scammers ask for such fees continually and keep stalling the payment of the prize.

The person is asked to give their bank account details and to send the such ‘fees’ to a PO box number or to make a money transfer online. Ultimately, the person ends up losing a large amount of money to online fraud, without getting anything in return.

How to protect yourself from online lottery frauds?

1. The first thing to remember is if you have not purchased any lottery ticket or participated in any competition, you must not believe in such emails.
2. If you have been constantly receiving such lottery or inheritance emails, you must delete the emails and block the email id from which you’re getting them.
3. You must report these emails to the nearest cyber cell so that the police can trace the fraudster and catch them.
4. If you have fallen victim to such online fraud, you can file a cyber complaint with help of a good cyber crime lawyer.
4. You must keep a copy of all the transactions and communication made with the fraudster for the cyber cell as an evidence.

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