Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door reminds us to always be skeptical of gambling, lotteries, lootboxes, and the like. Happy Lucky Lottery is not random, despite popular belief throughout the game’s 14-year lifespan.

Earlier this month I posted a tweet where I missed the lottery by one single digit. Sure enough, Jdaster64 informed me I was guaranteed to lose that day anyway, because “Happy Lucky Lottery is a total fraud.” We started exchanging some messages, and he provided a number of memory addresses and cleared up misconceptions about the lottery system, which immensely helped during testing and the recording of this video.

I misspoke in this video when saying there’s a 1/10,000 chance of seeing a daily number 1 digit off your own. This was intended to convey the chance of winning a truly random Happy Lucky Lottery, but based on my wording, it’d actually be a 1/5,000 chance if the lottery were truly random.

Important detail from PistonMiner:
“The speed of the time base counter is, as far as I know, not, as you describe in the video, related to the original CPU clock of the Gekko, but is, according to the official design documents by IBM, quote: “clocked at a frequency that is one-fourth that of the bus clock” (162 MHz / 4 = 40.5 MHz). (see for the full reference, this is in section”

Here is a 4K texture pack in the works by the TTYD Dolphin Community:

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