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Chris Kline, co-founder and COO of Bitcoin IRA joins me for a can’t-miss discussion on holding cryptos in your retirement account, crypto volatility, security and compliance, and future crypto regulations.

Chris shares how he became interested in cryptocurrencies… what led him to start Bitcoin IRA… whether Bitcoin is an inflation hedge… and what attracts investors to cryptos.

Plus, he explains how to open an account with Bitcoin IRA—a unique platform that lets you invest in over 60 cryptos in a tax-free retirement account.

Learn why Chris is so passionate about educating clients… and the steps Bitcoin IRA has taken to make the process secure, transparent, and as easy as any other brokerage account…
0:00 – Intro
2:15 – The Creation of Bitcoin IRA
6:50 – What Drives Investors to Bitcoin?
8:50 – How to Open a Bitcoin IRA Account
18:15 – Will Big Brokerages Dominate Bitcoin Investing?
25:30 – Are Cryptos Securities?
29:05 – Which Cryptos will Thrive Going Forward

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