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00:00 – Opening
01:47 – Democrats Double Down On Baby Killing Propaganda Heading Into Midterms
14:34 – Elon Musk Is Set To Execute Mass Twitter Layoffs
19:35 – Already Seeing Signs Of Poor Election Integrity
23:38 – Old Fetterman Ad From 2016 Resurfaces
27:55 – Kamala Harris’ Bizarre Venn Diagram Fetish
30:34 – The Left Is Outraged Over Ad Advocating Against Anti-White Bigotry
33:03 – Luke Bryan Responds To Criticism For Bringing DeSantis On Stage
36:17 – The Left Implies That Great Russian Literature Shouldn’t Be Appreciated Because Of Ukraine War
40:31 – The Comments Section
47:50 – Steven A Smith and the Associated Press Are Canceled

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, democrats double down on their abortion messaging heading into the mid-terms. This week they’ve offered pro-abortion propaganda that ranges from unintentionally hilarious to incredibly horrific. Also, Elon Musk begins to cull the herd over at Twitter. Early voting is already causing confusion and problems. A country star gets in trouble for publicly associating with Ron DeSantis. And the media worries that the World Series might be racist because there aren’t enough US-born black players. An oddly specific complaint.

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