In this video I tried forex day trading signals from 2 of the most well known names in the business. As many people have had hundreds of these so called traders FLOODING their instagram feeds I figured this would be a great opportunity to see how all of this works! After reading reviews online some people were saying these guys were forex scammers and some people were saying they got rich quick and made over $250,000 so I decided I would give this a try myself!

I This video was only a short test of their services and was not a perfect long term test of the service they offer. This test is only based on my opinion and should not be understood as any form of factual advice. Scams, cults & unsatisfactory experiences are subjective terms that mean different things to different people as we all have different perceptions of what is a good and a bad experience, this video is ONLY for entertainment purposes and NOT any form of financial advice.

Please do NOT send any hate or negativity towards these guys as once again this was not a perfect test of there service they offer.

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