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When a key prosecution witness shows up at a convicted defendant’s house, what could possibly go wrong? Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani are both asking for New Trials based on a witness showing up at Holmes’ house. The court has since ordered a hearing and additional briefing on Holmes’ motion for a new trial and denied Balwani’s motion for a new trial. Balwani is asking for a continuance of his sentencing, and the court should be ruling on that soon. I am waiting to see what the prosecution is asking for in their sentencing memos late this month.

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The Docket
00:00 Welcome
03:50 Intro
04:20 Manscaped Ad Spot
05:42 Dr. Rosendorff’s Encounter at Ms. Holmes’ Home
35:16 Green Chef Ad Spot
37:16 Mr. Balwani’s Motion To Continue Sentencing

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