[New Product] Users Making Security Mistakes? Coach Them in Real-Time with SecurityCoach.We are thrilled to announce a brand-new product designed to help you develop a strong security culture. SecurityCoach enables real-time security coaching of your users in response to their risky security behavior.

SecurityCoach leverages your existing security stack so you can configure real-time coaching campaigns to immediately deliver a SecurityTip to your user related to the detected event. Real-time SecurityTips are automatically sent to users via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email and are a powerful enhancement to your current security awareness program. 

With SecurityCoach your users receive contextual, real-time coaching that reinforces your security awareness training and policies, improves knowledge retention and helps your users to understand the risks associated with their behaviors. 

When coupled with a new-school security awareness program which includes frequent simulated phishing tests, SecurityCoach corrects the real-world security behavior of your users in real-time so you can create a stronger security culture across your organization.

SecurityCoach Example Scenario: 

  1. Your user opens an infected email attachment that might spread ransomware in your network, or tries to visit a website with restricted content on their work computer 
  2. An existing layer in your security stack detects this risky activity and creates an event
  3. SecurityCoach ingests that event and then, via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email, sends a real-time SecurityTip to that user saying “Hey, this is a security risk and here’s why” 

Human Detection and Response

SecurityCoach introduces a new cybersecurity category called Human Detection and Response (HDR). HDR is conceptually similar to Extended Detection and Response (XDR), but HDR focuses on the human layer of your cybersecurity strategy. HDR correlates, identifies and responds to the tens of thousands of detected events related to the risky security behavior of your users being generated within your existing security infrastructure. 

Consequently, HDR (and SecurityCoach) creates significant time savings for your overburdened Security Operations Center (SOC) team by reducing the volume of alert noise caused by repetitive risky behaviors, allowing the SOC to focus higher-priority threats. 

What SecurityCoach Means for You

  • Coach users in real-time based on their own real-world behavior, reinforcing comprehension and retention of your security training, best practices, and established security policies
  • Gain additional value from your existing investment in security products and services
  • Build custom campaigns for high-risk users or roles that are considered a valuable target for cybercriminals
  • Measure and report on improved real-world security behavior across your organization, providing justification for continued investment
  • Reduce the burden on the SOC and improve efficacy through automation and reducing alert noise caused by users repeating risky security behaviors

SecurityCoach is an optional add-on for KnowBe4 customers with a Platinum or Diamond level security awareness training subscription.

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