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In this video, I contacted a scammer who claims to provide USA, Canada UK genuine passports . I further moved on to understand his mode of operation . He asked me to pay a hefty amount of money in advance 700$. He claimed to send the passport by fedex in a few weeks time.


If you watch the video carefully, you will find that there have been many funny sentences that prove this was a scam. First of all they may take your money and may not reach out to you ever. They may even send you a fake passport but if you use that you will be caught and then you will be gone for ever.

Never get engaged in these scams and achieve your dreams with your hard work using legitimate ways. Updated Disclaimer: All videos are my personal views and opinion, they should NOT be considered as legal advice. I am not affiliated with any government organization or division on this matter. I assume no liability for how the information on this channel is used or interpreted and hence take no responsibility for any decisions that is made with regards to your application based on the information shared on this channel. I am not a licensed or legal immigration professional in any way. If you need legal advice make sure you contact a legal and licensed professional.


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