Florida County Clerk and Comptroller officials are warning residents of a phone scam where the caller claims the resident missed jury duty and must use gift cards to pay a fine or face arrest.

BEAVER — The Beaver Police Department is warning residents of a phone scam that has returned to the area, called “The grandparent scam.”

The department warns scammers target elderly residents, claiming to be an attorney, judge or bail bondsman.

The scammers claim the individual’s grandchildren were arrested, often “linking the arrest” to a recent accident, and ask for money to be used for bail or other court costs.

“The callers will be very persuasive. The caller will stay in communication with the ‘grandparent’ while they retrieve cash money from the bank,” the department said in a release.

Police state while the individuals are on the phone with the caller, another person associated with the scam will typically show up to their house to collect, and be even more persuasive about collecting.

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