WESTERVILLE (Tara Morgan) — Police say they’re looking at hundreds more potential victims in a deaf lottery scam investigation.A detective for Westerville P.D. says he first thought there were about 300 victims in a scam involving a fake Deaf Awareness Lottery.Now, he believes there could be 1200 people all over the country.A woman who lives in a Westerville deaf community is accused of helping the scammers by communicating with elderly deaf women across the country.A woman who knows the deaf community well agrees with police that trust played a big role. If the person that was telling somebody they were deaf and they were talking to a deaf absolutely they would trust them, said Joan Marie Johnston.Johnston was married to a deaf man for more than 50 years and about 60% of her friends are deaf.The person who pulled this other lady in I don’t know who it is but shame on them, said Johnston.


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