As a seasoned ebayer I fully accept that every now and then somone is going to try and scam me. eBay scams have happened several times before, and im sure they will happen again. But this time I thought id capture the process on video to help other people deal with their eBay scams.

This one was an empty box scam, where the buyer claimed we sent an empty box with no item inside. They then opened a return, sent back an empty box and hoped eBay would refund them as well as being able to keep the item.

This is the story, please feel free to ask any eBay reselling questions in the comments including anytghing about inline reselling, eBay scams, how to optimse your listings and how to imrpvoe your ebay sales and ill try to reply to you all.


#ebayreselling #ebayscams #openboxscam


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