Riskified Stock (RSKD) lead by CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Eido Gal & CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Assaf Feldman has been changing the e-commerce game. Is Riskified Stock the Future of Online Business Fraud Prevention? In this video, we go over all that and more and even go over Riskified’s earnings to dig deeper into the company. We cover all things Riskified including their value proposition to their customers aka how much Riskified saves the customer vs how much extra they make the customer. If you like this video and want to see more videos covering Riskified Stock lead by CEO Eido Gal & CTO Assaf Feldman then don’t forget to like & subscribe for more content covering Riskified! Thanks for watching and until next time!

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00:00 Fraud is Rising
00:10 Fraud Analytics According to Consumer Sentinel Network
00:34 Ecommerce at Risk of Losing Over $20B in 2021 According to Juniper Research Report
00:54 How Riskified Can Help With This Problem
01:20 Background On Riskified
02:13 CEO talking About Riskified
03:00 Riskified Financials
03:39 Riskified Growth in 2021
04:22 Riskified Stock
04:47 Riskified Reports Q2 Losses
05:12 Ecommerce Potentially Taking Over The World
05:46 Riskified Utilizing its AI Technology
06:10 What Makes Riskified Stand Out
06:21 Riskified Increasing its 10 Largest Customer’s Revenue by 9%
06:34 Conclusion

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