CRA scams are more common than many people think. Understanding what these scams are might help you avoid them, and why Canada Revenue Agency scams are so common.

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Did you know that in 2020, about 41,000 Canadians fell victim to fraud and CRA scams, which cost them over $107 million collectively? That’s $11 million more than the amount lost to fraud in 2019.
If you are not one of the thousands of fraud victims, it doesn’t mean you will never be.

It’s important to take a preemptive approach and learn about these scams before you learn by experience.

I’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the eight most common CRA scams and how you can avoid them.

What Are CRA Scams?

CRA scams are simply scams perpetrated using the name of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As the country’s main revenue agency and taxation body, the CRA’s name carries a lot of weight and legitimacy.

Because of this, scams that use the CRA’s name usually yield good results for perpetrators. People often don’t usually investigate too much when they believe that they are receiving money and that the CRA is simply calling to confirm their credentials or identifiable information.

Despite the CRA continually informing Canadians about tell-tale signs of communications that legitimately come from the department, scammers still manage to find ways to fool people.
Still, with proper care and a little healthy suspicion for every bit of communication that asks for your identifiable information or financial details, you can avoid falling victim to some of the most common CRA scams.

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