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Breaking news:Have you ever heard that someone tricks the lottery? Probably not, end even less probable, the us lottery. The US national lottery, mega millions and powerball are the most popular lotteries in the world. Some people would even say that it’s their lifelong dream to win and become a powerball winner, which would make them a lottery winner. Mega millions winners on the other hand, are other lucky lottery winners that different to euromillions winners, these ones won in America. In this video we will look at how this lottery winner pulled of one of the biggest lottery crimes in history, tricking the lottery and earning millions before getting caught. In this lottery documentary you will learn the story about the man that commited one of the biggest lottery fraud ever.
The Millionaire Post, the place where future millionaires meet. This channel is all about the most amazing top 10 in the luxury world and luxury motivation. The idea is that you set your luxury goals and can start living your millionaire lifestyle as soon as possible. It’s time to claim your Luxury Lifestyle. This man tricked the powerball drawings, well not the powerball one, but the lottery in the end.

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