Stop bird pro and Seagull Pro is a device that DOES NOT keep pigeons and seagulls away from your balcony, roof or garden. They are a scam company.

Don’t waste your money like I did! Hopefully you will see this before you take the plunge in desperation to get rid of your pigeons. This claims to be 100% effective but I can confirm it isn’t effective in any way shape or form. They use clever terminology to convince you it will work, but it’s all just a complex smoke screen. Reviews on their website are fake. You cannot leave a review on their website, the widget is fake. True reviews can be found on trustpilot.

I have engaged with the firm and asked for a refund to no avail. They did claim that the units must be faulty after I sent them video evidence of it not working. They initially claimed as I had moved one of the products that the 3 week period started over again. However, I showed them that the product was just moved closer to the target area. The device ended up right next to the pigeons head, without it being the slightest bit bothered.

Under consumer rights they should offer a refund if the product is ‘faulty’ (as they claimed) within 30 days of receipt. They only offered to replace the items.

As the individual products are under £100 you cannot make a section 75 claim through your credit card provider for blatant misrepresentation. So that leaves me with a chargeback.

#SCAM #pigeons #pigeon-deterrent

Pigeon repellent. Pigeon control.

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