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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor introduces sponsors
0:00:13 – Tavarish’s new fancy Floridia house & fine dining at Red Lobster
0:03:59 – Breaking Bad, crushing cars into cubes & hydraulic press channels
0:09:49 – Woody’s microwave YouTube series & PKA’s wackiest channel ideas
0:17:53 – The Try Guys cheating scandal – Was it REALLY that bad?
0:20:08 – Celtic axemen vs Japanese samurais vs Roman centurions – Who wins?!
0:24:50 – Overpowered Game Wardens, Ice Road Truckers & terrible reality shows
0:31:57 – More TV show talk: Bait Car’s funniest clips, Live P.D & Yellowstone
0:36:00 – The time Kyle hired a modern day, professional cowboy service
0:40:36 – PKA’s weirdest DMs & Tavarish vs a hilarious Instagram scammer
0:47:23 – Incredibly realistic AI fakery and its future impact on political scandals
0:50:48 – Trump 2024, booster jabs and PKA reflects on the 2020 “lockdown” era
0:59:10 – Breathable liquid, umbilical cords & Brendan Fraser’s “tainted” career
1:06:46 – Tom Cruise, Scientology scandals and Top Gun’s SECRET storyline
1:11:38 – BlameTruth vs Hutch are beefing over CoD – Who’d win in a boxing match?
1:16:50 – WingsOfRedemption talk: CoD, troll drama & volunteering in Ukraine
1:24:31 – Kyle and Woody reflect on removing Wings from PKA in 2014
1:26:28 – Woody’s intense work ethic & how to live without EVER working again
1:28:13 – The pros & cons of life in New Jersey, Missouri, Georgia and Florida
1:35:06 – America didn’t lose in Vietnam, it was just too humid!
1:37:05 – Does Taylor really live in the most DANGEROUS city in America?
1:44:28 – The Sopranos’ greatest scenes & Game of Thrones vs Downton Abbey
1:57:23 – Woody and Kyle review House of the Dragon – Is it better than GoT?
2:02:36 – Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan’s physique & the hottest women in politics
2:10:53 – Ad reads: Lock and Load & Blue
2:15:13 – Burger King, Wendys or Zaxby’s? PKA’s best/worst fast food debate
2:19:09 – Gaming talk: MWII Multiplayer/DMZ, Darktide Beta & Kyle’s work ethic
2:36:26 – Ukraine talk: Build the Belaruisian Wall! Polish fatalities & WWIII incoming
2:44:22 – PKA explores the adult fantasies of “pedal pushing” and stuck women
2:47:23 – False advertising, Bang Energy’s $200m lawsuit & energy drink talk
2:52:12 – Elon Musk’s Twitter-verse saga: Firings, fake tweets & funny memes
3:09:41 – Jim Gaffigan’s food pet peeves & Steve-O’s ear vs Jon Jones’ hammer
3:20:32 – Jackie felt cranky this week – So Woody gave her a (micro) dose!
3:24:52 – PKA’s mushroom/DMT experiences & why Tavarish is a skeptic
3:39:04 – PKA reacts to Andrew Tate, JustPearlyThings & the manosphere
3:49:14 – FPSRussia’s creepiest interactions with fans in real life
3:51:33 – Twitter SJWs vs Elon Musk & why it’s okay to only mock white Karens
3:56:43 – Kyle and Taylor talk horror movies (Barbarian & Nope)
4:00:25 – Tavarish shouts out his Social Medias, the guys call it a show


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