■ ROME, ITALY: Rome, being a city of incredible architecture and monuments, is rife with a sinister scam perpetrated on mainly unsuspecting tourists, whom if their heads are not on a swivel, often fall for the tricks of foreign scammers. Here’s how it works:

1. Tourist walks around in awe looking UP at the buildings;
2. Scammer confronts the tourist with a compliment or an appealing cultural phrase that
maybe familiar to the tourist;
3. Tourist unintentionally embraces the scammer and creates a conversation with them;
4. Tourist is then given a sample of the product, later to be extorted for money.

Follow me as I beat feet to the Colosseum in Rome and witness this scam multiple times in a short amount of time.

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Don’t fall for this scam in Italy
– Forced To Drink From Shoe By Prague Bully 🇨🇿
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