Whats good people, last year we had Pomp on when crypto was peaking, and now we gotta have him on that it’s falling. We answer what is FTX, why did it collapse, and why doesn’t Andrew tip. INDULGE!

00:00 – Pompliano in the house
01:54 – Pomp explains FTX, Alameda and SBF
17:49 – Did CZ want to destroy FTX?
26:58 – Is this 2008/Madoff all over again?
42:48 – Pompliano ain’t leaving
52:05 – Bitcoin – early days, stability and future
01:01:05 – Tax loopholes
01:13:18 – Pomp interviewd SBF before
01:19:35 – Speculating on what got Larry David to do FTX ad
01:23:12 – Does Pomp want Crypto regulation?
01:27:17 – Biggest moments that made Bitcoin pop
01:38:01 – Andrew doesn’t tip + Pomp can’t afford Sweetgreens
01:44:12 – Alexx tips low for Xmas + Akaash lying about his
01:48:11 – Andrew’s wife is a savage when it comes to tipping
01:52:44 – Trying to get Pomp to buy a Bitcoin, live!


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