Warranties on Chinese sub engines, Chinese kidnappers deported, new consumer protection laws, latest on the Cannabis debacle, officials complain about transgender prostitutes in Bangla Road Phuket, bomb attack in Narithawat, Pattaya Fireworks show, repairs to Patong Hill Road, defections from Thai government coalition.

Tim Newton Today is a daily, independent look at Thai and south East Asian regional news.

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1:02 – Royal Thai Navy demands guarantee on engines
3:49 – Chinese kidnappers deported after chopping off finger
5:42 – Cannabis update (and more at 15:15 as well)
9:07 – Explosion in southern Thailand
12:45 – Pattaya Fireworks Festival
13:49 – Repairs on Patong Hill road
14:58 – Thai political defections, shuffles and shenanigans
17:20 – Bangla Road transgender prostitutes


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