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There are several fake accounts that go through me to scam you, please be careful!

My one and only account is: Telegram: @cudominer_admin

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We present to you the new version of our Bitcoin miner: CG CUDO MINER Full Version V 22.01.2201. If you want to get this miner, contact us immediately and start your mining today !

Today, We are going to see how you can mine bitcoin on your laptop. You can also mine bitcoin on pc with this same method. This bitcoin mining software is 100% legit and real but mining profitability depends on you system specs.

This new version is complete, you can only pay for it to the developer. Telegram: @cudominer_admin

📧Telegram: @cudominer_admin

📧Telegram: https://t.me/cudominer_admin

👉 Canal Link : https://t.me/cgcudominer

👉 Our link : https://cgcudominer.com/item/cg-cudo-miner-software-bitcoin-generator-software-2022-best-btc-miner-added-software-2023-ewh189tiz

Any other purchase of CG CUDO MINER from another seller on youtube or telegram is purely a scam. I am the only rightful owner where you can have the program.

Respect the administrator, Christopher T. Beauchamp

Watch and read all instructions carefully

Don’t waste your money on scams, they don’t give you a legitimate miner (some people copy our videos so be careful of them)

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