HyperVerse Scam From Ryan Xu and Sam Lee is The Fifth Company! Still No Launch| Owners In Hiding!

If you didn’t know this but HyperVerse is the fifth scam they have pushed in the marketplace.

The other ones include HyperCapital, Blockchain Global, MediaChain, HyperCash and HyperFund.

What is common with all of them?

They have ALL exit scammed leaving investors out 100’s of millions overall.

What makes Hyperverse any different?

In this video I am going to wake some people up by exposing what Ryan Xu and Sam Lee have done in the past.

Also Hyperverse launch didn’t happen yet…

Make sure you pay close attention and watch this to the end…lets see if HyperVerse will even launch…

Right now all of the Hyperverse presentation are done by affiliates who want to make commissions off of you…

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