Fake spotify services – Music Industry Scams
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Spotify playlists and promotion services are a big move right now. As the shift of the music industry happens and dives more an more into streaming. Unfortunately this bring out some bad players like “promoforartists” which is a scam I believe Spotify Jedi to also be illegitimate and a scam yes (after 3 subscribers reported them). While it looks good at a glance when you dive a little deeper an have a little insight many of these sites are set up to take your money and give you nothing of value back in return. Unfortunately for these guys, They revealed their cards when stealing and running ads with my own artwork.
This isnโ€™t a promoforartists.com review but more just proof that is a scam business.

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The AVOID list (feel free to report any more to me)
https://imperiumnetpromo.com/ (AVOID)
https://click-boost.com/ (AVOID)
https://streamingfamous.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://streamko.com/ (AVOID)
https://songlifty.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://promoforartists.com/ (The one in the video)
https://spotifyjedi.net/membership-access (reported by subscribers)
https://www.musicpromotioncorp.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://spotistar.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://musicvertising.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://spotifreak.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://playlistbooker.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://www.bestsellermarket.com (SERIOUSLY AVOID)
https://www.fanfavorites.io (AVOID)
https://flowsty.com/ (AVOID)
https://www.thetunesclub.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://prominoo.com/ (reported by subscribers)
https://playsonfire.com (reported by subscribers)
https://www.pvnclub.eu/ (reported by subscribers)
https://www.playlistgrow.com/ (Been spamming me)

Researching List

The OK List
https://theartistunion.com/ (Used recently an results were poor for me)
http://hitmakerservices.com/ (Closed)
https://indiemono.com/ (Closed)
https://humanhuman.com/ (Closed)

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