Hi, this is Andy Mattingly and in this week’s SaveItUp Moment I want to share some of the scams and frauds you need to be on the lookout for as we move into the holiday season.

Telephone scams
These scammers are after your money and/or personal information. Calls will come from real people or can be robocalls. They either make false promises or issue threats of jail or lawsuits.
• Be wary of caller ID, scammers can change the phone number
• Don’t be pressured to take immediate action

Banking Scams
The scam is to find a way to access your bank account. The methods include the overpayment scam, or you receive a check for no reason or you receive a phishing email asking for banking information or to verify card information.
• Don’t ever wire funds to people you don’t know
• Don’t deposit checks from strangers or companies you don’t know

Lottery and Sweepstakes Scam
This scam is based on the assertion you have won a big prize or lottery but that you have to pay a fee or taxes before you can claim the prize. They may even ask to get personal information.
• Don’t pay a fee or taxes to receive a prize
• Don’t provide financial information to get a prize

Census related scams
Scam artists pretend to work for the US Census Bureau. They will try to get personal information from you either by visiting your home or sending official looking documents to your mailbox.
• Ask to see the Census workers badge
• Never share full social security number, mother’s maiden name or other information

Awareness and vigilance are the keys to stopping fraudsters so always be on alert. That’s been this week’s SaveItUp Moment, if you want more information on this topic or any other topic please visit the SaveItUp page at forumcu.com.



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