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Carmelo Anthony, 10x All Star, 6x All NBA, and a member of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team which signified the 75 best players in the NBA ever. But if there is one thing that makes up a great player and a champion at that, is a mix of greatness, skill, and selflessness. And one of the main takes that I have that alot of people do not agree with is the fact I believe every shortcoming that was brought upon Carmelo Anthony, was due to mainly himself. And the main component that goes into his downfall as a player, starts in his time in the Big Apple, New York City. In this video I want to do a deep dive on the downfall of Carmelo Anthony and how he Ruined his Career with the New York Knicks.

0:00 – 1:17 Intro
1:17 – 2:13 Ad Read
2:13 – 7:43 Carmelo and the Denver Nuggets (Prolougue)
7:43 – 14:18 Strike 1 Carmelo Anthony Treatment of Mike D’Antoni
14:18 – 22:16 Strike 2 Carmelo running out Jeremy Lin out of New York
22:16 – 27:48 Carmelo Anthony in New York Post Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni
27:48 – 33:17 Strike 3 Carmelo Never Learning his Lesson
33:17 – 35:08 Conclusion

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