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The #WhiteHouse is rejecting a #WorldTradeOrganization ruling and vowing to keep a set of Trump-era tariffs in place.

The #BidenAdministration on the defense— after giving $200 million to a company with ties to #Beijing.

Celebrations kicking off for International Human Rights Day. Groups marking the occasion with protests in Chicago and in Germany.

Fever clinics in the city of Beijing, seeing 16 times more patients this week than last. We zoom in on the city as it lessens some of its Zero-COVID-19 rules.

And Jimmy Lai, set to spend more than five years in prison. But did fraud put the Hong Kong tycoon behind bars, or a violation of press freedom?

00:00 Intro
00:55 U.S. ‘Strongly’ Rejects Wto Ruling on Trump Tariffs
02:54 White House Defends $200M Grant to Firm with China Ties
04:27 Chicago Group Protests CCP’s Human Rights Violations
06:26 Nuremberg Rally Appeals for Human Rights, Decades-Long Persecution of Falun Gong Highlighted
09:12 U.S. Officials Visit China, Prepare for Blinken Trip
10:41 A Cautious Response as China Eases Zero-COVID-19 Policy
12:55 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Tycoon Jimmy Lai Sentenced to 5+ Years in Jail
14:43 Japanese Official Calls for Boosted Defense Spending
16:19 African Leaders Arrive for U.S. Summit

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