Jason Hartman invites New York Times Bestselling author Vivek Ramaswamy to speak about his book Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.

Today’s economic landscape is rife with companies using economic force as a substitute for free speech and open debate to settle political and social questions. Vivek Ramaswamy is concerned with this new cancer, both in our culture and in our private sector, which threatens to kill the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had 60 years ago.

This new philosophy that says that your identity is based on your race, sex, religion, or your sexual orientation is reductive. It takes the true diversity of voices in our country, the true diversity of perspectives within each of us and reduces us to nothing more than the embodiment of a group identity.

Vivek makes the case to separate capitalism and democracy in order to preserve the integrity of both, but the bottom line is that the free market does not exist when it’s been co-opted to advance a political agenda.

0:00 Welcome Vivek Ramaswamy, New York Times Bestselling author of Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam
1:14 Vivek was a CEO in biotech for seven years
3:11 This new philosophy that says that your identity is based on your race, your sex, your religion, or your sexual orientation is reductive
4:07 Companies use market power to tilt the scales of debate on identity questions
5:14 Once the private sector becomes politicized, we lose the apolitical sanctuary where true innovation can happen
6:46 Institutions have adopted the shareholder primacy doctrine and are forcing companies to support particular politicized environmental or social agendas
8:50 Isn’t wokeness acting against the interest of some companies? Finding answers in the ‘08 financial crisis
11:02 The free market does not exist when it’s been co-opted to advance a political agenda
11:32 The ESG Asset Bubble – Larry Fink and the birth of the ESG movement
14:01 Critical Diversity Theory
17:24 There are cynical forces exploiting the relationship between the neo progressive movement and big business
19:22 Dictators becoming stakeholders
20:10 Companies hand over user data through their platform to the CCP as a condition for doing business in China
20:44 Reviving civic duty in the American culture
22:41 Learn more at StriveFunds.com and check out Vivek’s book: Woke, Inc.

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